The Reids and Taylors of Nova Scotia

Welcome to the Website of Wallace K. Reid, and to its contents, which include the extensive data about my parents, John Reynolds Reid (Ianne Dubhe Ruadh) of Musquodoboit and Elva (Albhe) Marguerite Taylor of Wittenburg, both of Nova Scotia and most of their ancestors. The Taylors and Reids both emmigrated from Scotland in the early 1800's; and both families married into Planter families, who were the early Maritime settlers from New England. !

Royalty and peasantry combined; soldiers and statesmen joined, and deacons with gold prospectors mated. The result: this draft of the saga of moves and movements from the auld country to the Thirteen Colonies and Nova Scotia. Enjoy.

John Reid and Elva Taylor in their marriage portrait


Shake a Canadian Family Tree and an American will fall "oot".

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